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Best Roofing Sharing the Love: Valentine’s Day 2018

Best Roofing Sharing the Love: Valentines Day 2018

Best Roofing Sharing the Love: Valentines Day 2018

Valentine’s Day is a day we reflect on love and appreciation. This year, Best Roofing company celebrated another thoughtful way in giving back. As a team, we collected delicious heart shaped chocolate boxes to bring to the residents at St. John’s Nursing Home in Ft. Lauderdale. This little simple act of kindness brought tears of joy their elderly faces. The event room was decorated with Valentines décor. Upon our arrival, they introduced us to the residents who were carrying on conversations and continuously thanking us. While we were waiting for more people to arrive, we took pictures to show them the box of chocolates we had collected. In the background, they played love songs. And as we scanned the room, residents were singing along and enjoying the vibe. Best Roofing team members looked at one another thinking it was by far the cutest thing to witness. As a special guest they invited a violinist to play songs, as she walked around the room you could see the elders clapping and enjoying the rhythm of the tunes. Looking back on this experience, it was one to remember. When you think of Valentine’s Day, we think of receiving flowers and being with loved ones. With a little act of selfishness, it was nice to give. Thank you to Best Commercial Roofing for keeping this ongoing tradition.

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