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Can You Imagine

Can You Imagine

Semi-annually Best Roofing, CEO Gregg Wallick presents to the company “Can You Imagine”, so employees are aware of the success and obstacles we encountered in the first half of the year. Gregg Wallick talks about the different departments at Best Roofing; such as, field employees, accounting department, shared services and branding. The experience it takes putting this presentation together is countless, pictures being captured of team members tells a story. Taking photos of the roofers on the roof, allows the office employees see the hard-work and dedication they put into making the company succeed. As you walk around in-house it feels as if, you completed a story and experienced both ends of the company complete the work together. Throughout this presentation, you hear employees talk about what they gained is appreciated. During this time Gregg shines on employees and recognizes those who were given promotions. At Best Roofing, we’re a family-oriented workplace and participating in presentations is rewarding for everyone involved.

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