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Community Associations Institute Southeast Florida Chapter

Last week, Best Roofing took part in the CAI-South Florida Tradeshow. This year’s theme for the show was “Beachy” so we made sure to go all out and represent Best Roofing. When you see other vendors dress up and make the most of their booth, it brings hype. While property managers were mingling with us and other vendors, Best Roofing had the opportunity to re-enforce to managers how we specialize in flat roof systems, commercial roof cleaning and stain prevention, commercial roof inspections and commercial roof coatings and restoration. Property managers come from all over South Florida. Luckily enough our home base is in Ft. Lauderdale, but we also are located in Miami and service Broward, Miami and Palm Beach. Best Roofing is grateful to be part of such a great organization and attend this yearly trade-show.

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