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DIY: Christmas Lights Set UP

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Everyone is ready to put up their Christmas lights and decorations up, but do you properly know how to put up your lights? And safely? Best Roofing has some tips for you to make sure you safely and properly hang your Christmas lights on your house.

First Step is to make sure you have an idea of where you want to place the lights. Look for the power outlet(s) that you will be using to plug in your Christmas lights in. Newer homes have outdoor electrical outlets, while older homes might have to use one of the indoor outlets, having the extension cords going through a window or under the door. Once you know where your lights will start coming from, create your design and have a focal point.

Second step will be to have the proper materials; lights, timer/controller, light clips, a sturdy and big enough ladder, extension cords and if needed a light hanging pole. Once you have the proper materials you can measure exactly how much you will need. The proper way to measure would be starting at the base of the house and going along any turns and corners. If your design includes door or window frames, and any columns be sure to measure those as well.  Once you have measured the surface that you will be placing lights on, measure the string of lights. This will determine how many strings you will need to fully decorate and fulfill your design.

Third step is to choose the type of Christmas lights and type of clips you will need. Inspect the thickness of the gutter lip and if hanging from the shingles how loose/tight they are. This will determine what kind of clips you will need to use. As well as the type of bulb that you will be using determines what kind of clips will be best for your design. There are two different types of lights that you can use; you can purchase the pre-lamped string of lights or you can purchase them separately. The advantage of purchasing them separately is that you can choose the wire color as well as it is easier to change the bulbs if they were to fail. The most popular are the icicles which hang off the gutters. When choosing colors be sure to stick to the same shade; not all whites are the same. The safest way to put the clip on the lights is on the ground before you head up the ladder. Take one string at a time to avoid any mishaps.

The fourth and last step is to set the timer and turn on the lights!

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