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Today I thought I'd share a little insight into marketing, since it's what I do here at Best Roofing.  If you're responsible for the marketing of your organization then like me you probably receive at least a dozen or so calls per week from companies offering to assist you with your PPC campaign and how to better optimize your website so it shows up on the first page of the holy grail of google search results. Pay-per-click will get you eyeballs quickly. Whether or not that becomes a viable lead is up to you.







It's tough for small companies to get their own websites optimized to the point where they appear on the first page of any organic search results page.  One way to assist with that ranking is through a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign.  PPC guarantees you more visibility.  But just being on page one doesn't instantly translate into qualified leads.  It's all about Strategy! Strategy is the core of any successful PPC campaign.  Here's a few things to consider before launching your PPC campaign:

Do Your Homework

You need to research and know what the top keywords relevant to your industry are and if they're worth bidding on, especially product categories and geographic locations.  Don't guess or let an Internet marketer guess for you.  You have to know.  No one better than you knows your own industry.   To get a sense of the "total potential" for your campaign, know search term volume based on previous history.  Use that knowledge to develop goals and a budget based on potential leads.'

Be Specific

Search engines seek to direct people to sites that contain the most specific information on the topic they are searching for. For example, if you are a commercial realtor in Miami-Dade, you may want to be specific, so not just "realtor" but  "commercial realtor Miami Dade."

It's in the Timing

PPC is expensive.  So if you can't afford to run your ad around the clock, select a day and time when consumers are most likely to be researching your product or service.

Next Steps

You need to tell website users where to go. A common mistake is sending web searchers to the home page of a company's website rather than to a landing page built for that PPC campaign.  Whatever the offer, make sure that the landing page is very product-specific. Landing pages should be in place before launching your PPC campaign.

Get Engaged

The magic factor, the secret sauce recipe happens when a click is converted into a phone call or an email. Try a live chat on your website or a click-to-call to make it easy for web searchers to engage your company.  Remember TRACK TRACK TRACK...and respond IMMEDIATELY.

PPC gives you instant visibility.  But a well-organized and optimized website generates steady contacts and creates an online place where all your marketing efforts can coalesce.  The best strategy to do be doing both.

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