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Commercial Roofing 101 Class Scheduled for December

We've scheduled our last Commercial Roofing 101 class for 2011~ Tuesday, December 6th and Thursday, December 8th. The choice is yours! Both classes run for 2 hours (10 am- 12 pm) and will be held at our corporate office in Ft. Lauderdale.

If you haven't attended our Commercial Roofing 101 class, check it out and sign up soon (space is limited and we usually fill our conference room).

This class is great if you're a property manager or facility manager- it helps people understand how to manage their roof-related decisions, how to set up a roofing maintenance plan, budgeting and costs of various roof systems, and how to hire a professional roofing contractor.  A big part of the class covers all the various types of roofing (with samples), based on the feedback we receive it's been the most valuable part of the class for participants.

Sign up soon!

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