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Your Roof is NOT a Driveway – Stop Treating it Like One

A well-constructed roof is not fragile - but it can be easily damaged and expensive to fix when it’s not maintained properly. So it’s unfortunate and short-sighted for property managers to approach the idea of getting roofs clean the same way they approach cleaning a driveway.

Everyone knows that algae growth is a problem on roofs all over Florida. When a roof is covered in black algae it looks bad, detracts from the overall appearance and property values, and it gives the impression of neglect. And while the algae growth itself will not usually cause measurable physical harm to the roofs, misguided attempts at cleaning often do.

Due to the widespread problem of staining we have in Florida, many contractors offer roof cleaning even though they're not licensed, insured, or qualified to do it. This becomes a problem when the methods used, such as high strength chlorine or high pressure compromise the roof and void warranties - leaving the homeowner or community with problems that can be very expensive to fix. Unfortunately, the use of these methods is very common with contractors that are not familiar with how roofs are constructed, how they should be maintained, and what the long-term damaging effects of these methods will be on most roofs.

For the homeowner or community, the better and more cost effective long term approach is to combine cleaning and/or stain prevention with well-rounded inspections and periodic maintenance. This is best performed by a licensed Roofing Contractor. Unlike other contractors that may offer to clean your roof, a licensed Roofer is going to be qualified to assess and address problems that are more than simply cosmetic. By hiring a licensed and qualified Roofer, your home or community is less likely to run into the problems of voiding either the Workmanship or Manufacturer Warranties, you're more likely to be able to head off minor issues before they become major problems, and you’re more likely to get the maximum useful life out of the roofs.

Why Roof Maintenance Saves a Community Time, Money, and Inconvenience:
• Maximizing the Longevity of the Roof
• Minimizing the Long-term Cost of the Roofs
• Maintaining & Enhancing Property Values
• Responsiveness to Problems / Emergencies – The time it takes to assess & correct a problem is greatly reduced when the property is working with a Roofer that is familiar with their roofs.
• Warranties – Proper Roof Maintenance is generally required in order to keep most Manufacturer and Workmanship Warranties valid. And in some cases, a Roof Maintenance Program can extend your warranties.
Additional Considerations / Benefits of a Roof Maintenance Program:
• Roofing Contractors know the most common problem areas on different types of roofs - what to inspection for and how to address them.
• Inspections, Maintenance, and Repairs are incorporated into the documented history of the roof.
• The roof history can then be used for budgeting, insurance, and planning purposes.
• When repairs are necessary, you’re dealing with a Roofing Contractor that has a complete understanding of everything that has ever been done to the roofs - saving time, inconvenience, and money.
• Customers on a Roof Maintenance Program usually get discounts on repairs and replacement.

The Bottom Line is that all roofs need periodic maintenance and if you don’t treat your roof like the valuable asset that it is, you shouldn’t be surprised when it no longer performs like one.

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