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SEFAA” A Night at the Movies” Tradeshow

SEFAA-South East Florida Apartment Association brings together top vendors for one of the largest multifamily housing industry trade shows in South Florida.  This year’s theme was A Night at the Movies!

As vendors were encouraged to decorate their booths, Best Roofing decided on a spin-off on one of the greatest movies of all time … Dumb and Dumber. Decorating our booth and dressing in character, we named our booth, “Best and Bestest.”

Being part of this association allows us to have access to exclusive events and facetime with some of our top clients and vendors in the community. During our time at the tradeshow we heard from some of our clients about their personal experiences with our company.  As we closed the night, prizes were raffled, making it a very interactive night for our clientele to remember!

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