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When is roof recovery a viable option?

When the integrity of the roof membrane is no longer reliable it needs to be replaced. Roof replacement involves removing all existing roof material down to the roof deck, including the vapor barrier, insulation, membrane and flashing.  In some situations, it may be viable to leave the existing roof including the membrane in place and install a new membrane over Continue Reading

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Project Profile: The Tides at Bridgeside

Following Hurricane Wilma, The Tides at Bridgeside experienced heavy damage to the roof of the 16 floor condominium.  The 23, 694 sq. ft. of  roof needed to be removed from the high-rise and replaced without disrupting the 246 unit owners. Having a considerable amount of experience working with complicated projects such as a high-rise condo located on the waterway with Continue Reading

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Schools Are Taking the Lead in Eco-Friendly Roofing

Since the U.S. Green Building Council has been encouraging schools to go green, our nation’s schools are now leading the way in educating their students and communities on the importance of maintaining a healthy environment and decreasing their energy needs. One way they are doing this is by planting gardens on the rooftops of their schools, commonly called a green Continue Reading

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Broward County Health Loves New Roof

A professional roof installation at any healthcare facility comes with several delicate limitations to consider; noise control and cleanliness are of the utmost importance. At Best Roofing, we take extreme care in providing expeditious service without compromising safety. The expert Fort Lauderdale roofing contractors at Best Roofing tackled the project at Broward County Health in just five days, implementing special Continue Reading

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