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Top 4 Don’ts When Making Your Roof Decisions

Top 4 Don’ts When Making Your Roof Decisions Should I go with an experienced contractor with a lower price? Can I save money by purchasing my own materials? Can I do this myself? These are a few of the questions that one might ask before taking the plunge to repair or replace the roof of your home of business. Like Continue Reading

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Your Roof is NOT a Driveway – Stop Treating it Like One

A well-constructed roof is not fragile - but it can be easily damaged and expensive to fix when it’s not maintained properly. So it’s unfortunate and short-sighted for property managers to approach the idea of getting roofs clean the same way they approach cleaning a driveway. Everyone knows that algae growth is a problem on roofs all over Florida. When Continue Reading

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Roofing Warranties: Always Read the Fine Print

Consumers in the market for a roof replacement are often concerned with the warranty type and length that accompanies their new roof. The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) advises consumers against putting too much emphasize on the warranty that roofing companies offer. Roofing warranties, especially long-term ones are largely reactive rather than proactive. Keeping this in mind, the length of Continue Reading

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Is Moisture Infiltrating Your Roof?

  Moisture can enter into a roofing system many different ways. In addition to water entry due to roof membrane leaks, moisture can enter a roofing system due to condensation from internal humidity, infiltration through building walls, water entry through equipment housings and latent moisture entrapped beneath the roof system. Note: The inspection for moisture infiltration requires professional roofing experience. Continue Reading

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Manager’s Reasonable Responsibility

Your building’s roof is probably the single most expensive piece of equipment in your entire facility.  An average roof accounts for 5-8% of a building’s total construction cost.  Extending the life of your roof through proper preventative maintenance can have a considerable effect on a building’s long-term costs.  If you can properly maintain your roof and add on a few Continue Reading

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