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Sleestacks & Fleecebacks

Working at a roofing company you're exposed to a different vocabulary.  For instance, every time I hear the word, "fleeceback, a roofing membrane system," i automatically think "sleestacks," a mythical creature from the 70's show "Land of the Lost," which I watched religiously every Saturday morning growing up.  Clearly, not related. But nonetheless funny what you associate with certain words.

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The Best Roofing Difference

Best Roofing Fort Lauderdale has been providing South Florida with top quality roofing systems for more than 30 years, during which they have become one of Florida’s most respected roofing contractors. The dedication to the core values of the company, set forth by president Greg Wallick, is what guides employees and creates the quality customer service Best Roofing customers have Continue Reading

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Boca Commerce Center Receives New Roof After Hurricane

Many office buildings around South Florida have outdated and often hazardous roofing systems. Best Roofing believes that an office building should be able to weather tough conditions and protect a company’s employees and valuable assets. This is particularly true for South Florida, as hurricane season lasts for five months and businesses need a roof they can rely on. The Boca Continue Reading

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