Big Foot is Alive and Well in South Florida

September 19, 2011

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Horror stories about the havoc wreaked by maintenance personnel and other trades on roofing membranes might seem a bit far-fetched.  We're here to tell you that all the tales are true.   At Best Roofing, we have a dedicated service department comprised of forensic roofing specialists that are trained not only in solving problems, but they also know the value of preventative maintenance. Because our service department handles all warranty and service repairs 24/7, it's safe to say we're on a lot of commercial roofs and condo roofs in South Florida....every day.

A big problem our service department encounters when called out to fix a commercial roof is damage to the roof  caused from other trades. AKA "BIGFOOT."

Evidence that Big Foot has been on your roof...

Piercing of roofing membranes due to dropping sharp metal objects onto the roof (i.e., toolbox filled with sharp metal instruments, A/C covers)

Foot traffic alone can cause wear to a cap-sheet, and fasteners under single ply seams stress membranes from the top and bottom

Pebbles, glass and nails attached to the bottom of work boots can result in devastating failures in single ply roof systems

Personnel drop tools, panels and abandon equipment that results in wind related damage

Seemingly Simple Errors Can be Costly

Vendors should be advised of proper care procedures for the type of roof system installed on your building

Both tenants and roof related vendors should have knowledge of active roof warranties and current contact information for the Roofer-of-Record

Create a log-in sheet of all activity on your roof

Install a high-performance roofing walkway system. The pads enhance your roof's durability and impact resistance.  Certain open grid designs help eliminate ponding water, allowing the free flow of liquids below the pads

Eliminate the amount of foot traffic on your roof -lock the entrance to your roof.  No one should have open access to your roof.

Escort all trade vendors onto your roof when they are conducting work on the roof

Remember This!

Even the smallest hole in the roof membrane left unidentified or untreated can cause premature roof failure. Manufacturer’s warranties do not cover many items such as storm damage, abuse or negligence by other trades, metal flashings, pipe penetrations, roof top equipment or improper drainage. It is essential that these items are checked periodically to insure proper performance of your roof.

Schedule Your Free Roof Analysis

Best Roofing provides a free thorough and detailed roof analysis that is conducted by a trained and experienced forensic roof specialist and includes a survey of your roof and its condition. After we review your analysis (the condition of your roof), we highly suggest signing up for Best Roofing's yearly maintenance plan, our Umbrella Agreement.   Best Roofing's maintenance plan provides many long-term benefits such as extending the life of your roof, identifying potential problems before they create damage to other parts of your building or its contents, and is a planned, organized approach to the management of your roof asset.