Can my Handyman Fix my Roof?

February 01, 2022

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A lot of times people just try to save a buck or two, and they think that their handy man can go out and take care of their roof. And let me tell you, cleaning the roof, cleaning debris off the roof, and cleaning your gutters out absolutely! Anybody can probably do that, there really anything wrong with that. But actually fixing a leak on a roof, and doing any sort of application of any type of material on a roof should really be done by a trained tradesmen, someone who really understands what they’re doing. And too often we see people go up on particular manufactures roof, and use incompatible materials. And any time someone does that they’re going to compromise their warranty, if they have a warranty on that roof. And they’re going to compromise their roof. We have seen so much malpractice taken place with people who didn’t really know what they were doing. Going up and putting the wrong materials and the wrong applications. So if you have a single ply roof you need to have somebody servicing that that is an authorized applicator of that particular brand. Somebody who knows their way around, don’t cut corners and take shortcuts, thinking that your handyman or somebody who doesn’t really know the trade can do your roofing maintenance and work.