Damage Caused by Hurricanes

May 08, 2015

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Damage Caused by Hurricanes


With hurricanes being the most powerful storms on earth, it is not surprising that upon landfall they can cause very serious damage and devastation. If the hurricane has not made landfall, the effects are still very dangerous but most of the damage caused by a hurricane is when the storm makes its way to land.

Hurricanes can produce a storm surge reaching 20 feet high causing major damage when it makes landfall and can extend out up to 100 miles. Ninety percent of all hurricane deaths result from storm surges (National Geographic, 2015).

High winds caused by hurricanes are very destructive and could cause tornadoes and torrential rain fall. High winds cause property damage and can even be fatal. Torrential rain fall can cause further damage by creating floods and mudslides, which may occur many miles inland (The Columbia Encyclopedia, 2014).

Here are some of the most common types of hurricane damage

  1. Roof Tile DamageTony-Storm-Photo-Hurricane-Sandy-12.3.12-500x308
  2. Missing Roof Shingles
  3. Missing Roof Turbines
  4. Damage to Pool
  5. Broken Windows
  6. Flooding in basement/home
  7. Destroyed Doors
  8. Damaged Garage Doorsdownload
  9. Moisture Damage
  10. Water Damage to Electrical Wiring
  11. Damage to Siding
  12. Collapsed Side Walls of the Roof
  13. Lost or Damaged Boats
  14. Damaged Appliances
  15. Knocked Down Carports and Porches

Remember, stay prepared for a hurricane and make sure the foundation of your business or condominium is secure, especially your roof.  Your roof is the foundation that could protect your business or condominium from serious damage from any type of weather.



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