How to Establish a Maintenance Program

July 14, 2011

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The most important reason for establishing a roof maintenance program is to protect the capital investment of a new roof.  Proper roof maintenance will not only add years to the life of a new roof, it will also uncover problems before a roof leak wets insulation, creates the "M" word, and damages the interior of a building.

Interior damage from a leaking roof


The first step in creating a maintenance program is to establish roof information files or what we at Best Roofing refer to as a "Roof Records Book."  This data is essential for any roof inspection if a proper and ongoing evaluation of the roof conditions is to be made.  The file/records book should contain the following sections:


  • Project records, roof drawings, specifications, etc.
  • Roof plans showing the location of all penetrations, rooftop equipment, drains, entry doors, etc.
  • Approved submittals of roofing supplier's product data used for the new roof


  • Field reports related to the roof installation
  • All correspondence between the GC, roofing contractor, architect, engineer, roofing consultant, etc. involving the roof  installation
  • Warranties from the roof or system manufacturer with contact names and numbers.

Inspection & Maintenance

  • Periodic inspection reports filed chronologically
  • Reports and digital photos of repairs
  • Record of any construction changes or modifications to the roof surface.   (i.e., new HVAC unit, exhaust vent, walkways)
  • Record of rooftop equipment services...the who, what, where, and when

The next step in creating a roof maintenance program is usually implementing a periodic inspection regimen.  These should be made twice a year, just before the roof passes through the most severe weather cycles- typically in the late Fall and early Spring for northern and western areas of the county and here in Florida MOST definitely before the start of hurricane season.    Additionally, you should schedule roof inspections after major storms.

Costs are typically estimated on an individual repair basis.  In this way maintenance scheduling can be budgeted accurately.  This method also allows for cost comparisons of projected maintenance by roof type or age.  Through maintenance scheduling, a comparison of projected maintenance costs versus roof replacement costs can also be made at any time.

A forensic roof specialist can locate areas of concern

Building Owner's Maintenance Responsibilities

  1. Minimize roof traffic
  2. Pick up and dispose of roof top debris- nails, fasteners, bottles, etc.
  3. Clean or unclog roof drains and gutters
  4. Use de-icing salt on frozen roof drains; don't crack the ice
  5. Trim tree limbs that overhang the roof
  6. Keep rooftop equipment in good repair


One of our maintenance crews out in the field providing regular maintenance