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May 09, 2011

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The day has arrived.(insert drum roll)
We've updated our Blog....whatcha think?  You see, we have some very interesting peeps here at Best Roofing and that makes for some very interesting conversations.  One day I was tapping my pencil thinking "people need to know this stuff, how can we harness all this knowledge and humor...." immediately followed by that eureka moment, "We need a blog!" And i rushed into Gregg's office (our CEO) and said, "Gregg, I have an idea!" To which he looked up after I finished rambling on about social media, thought-leadership, Jake, yada yada yada, and he said, "we have a blog."
Followed by silence.
Then the sound of crickets.
"Yes,'s not really 'good,' and it was managed outside our company BEFORE i arrived" I mentioned. "We need a blog blog. Written by us."
And to give Gregg credit, for (1) understanding my own crazy speak  and (2) being visionary, he replied..." OK, get it together, make it work. Get everyone involved. I like it."

Fast forward...Here we are! Our shiny new and improved Blog!

disclaimer:  (We had to migrate our old and tired content you will notice a difference in  posts from yesteryear vs moving forward)

What can you expect to find here?  Lots of good things!

  • Of course we're going to share information on roofing and building envelope maintenance, but we're also going to share advice and insights about business, design, editorial, and other topics- after all this blog is entitled, "A Roof With A View"
  • We're producing a series of fun, behind-the-scenes videos that are both interesting and engaging- you'll find them here too!
  • Did you know our President & CEO is a pretty prolific writer? Yep, he is.  Gregg's written (at last count) about 60ish articles on everything from leadership and business management to the art of teamwork and balancing work and life.  He also has plenty to say about the roofing industry.  You know, 35 years of  roofing experience and everything...
  • We think we're a pretty fun group of people here at Best expect to see some quirky, non-roofing musings here too from a variety of folks
  • On a more serious note, we're going to talk about sustainability and bring you info. on how you can smartly green your building envelope
  • We're going to share resources we like, blogs we read, & websites we think you should bookmark
  • Jake! Want to see more of our mascot?....this is the place
  • Guest bloggers! We know a lot of cool, smart, funny, and interesting people, and we're inviting them over to talk about things they're passionate about
  • TBD.......we're always evolving and having a new idea or 100, so you'll just need to come back and visit because you'll never know what you'll find here

Moving forward here's what you will not find on our blog....

  • Blatant self promotion
  • Boring, stagnant posts that sound like a robot wrote them
  • Perfect grammar
  • Corporate speak

We invite you to subscribe to our RSS feed, share the love, comment on our posts, challenge us, ask us questions, send us links to sites/blogs you like, tell us what's on your mind, suggest topics,  it's all good. Welcome to Best Roofing's, "Roof with a View"

~ Kathleen