Roof Restoration: Extend the Life of Your Roof

June 24, 2010

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At Best Roofing, we are dedicated to meeting our customers’ needs with the highest levels of workmanship and customer service while providing the Three R’s of Roofing: roof repair, roof restoration and roof replacement. For roof damage and leaks, we’d rather save a roof than replace it, meaning we aim to protect your roof and save you money.

If a condition is beyond basic roof repair, roof restoration is a solution that rejuvenates the entire roof to significantly extend its lifecycle. While this is considered a major repair of your roof system, our team is trained to identify and refurbish major deficiencies before a costly roof replacement is necessary. A roof restoration is about half the price of a full roof replacement.

The process of roof restoration begins with preparation of the roof and minor repairs of trouble spots. Next the entire surface is primed. Our roofing technicians apply additional product to all surfaces of the roof and install a base coat. Then, a reflective finish wear coat is installed to complete the roof restoration project.

The Intracoastal Mall in Miami, Florida used Best Roofing for its roof restoration. Best Roofing selectively replaced only parts of the roof that were no longer water-proof, and resurfaced the entire roof with various compatible products. The project came with a 10 year watertight warranty. For other examples of roof restoration projects, click here for descriptions and photos.

Our clients have wonderful things to say about our services. Arvid Albanese, president and CEO of Best Florida Storage says “Your restoration and repair have saved us a fortune over the years. Thanks.” Click here for more customer testimonials.