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June 14, 2011

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Today let's look at a new roofing product that's sustainable from start to finish...and is a snap to install- literally. Recently, DaVinci Roofscapes introduced their newest product to the South Florida market, "Bellaforte." Since Best Roofing is DaVinci's  South Florida  Masterpiece Contractor, we sat down with the folks from DaVinci to look at at "Bellaforte," and trust me before we decide to represent  a new product we put our vendor as well as the product through the ringer.

Best Roofing's Interrogation Room

DaVinci's Bellaforte Tiles Under Interrogation
















So after our intensive interrogation, I'm happy to say we were very impressed with "Bellaforte," and here's our laundry list of  why:

  • 50 year warranty- meaning you won't be adding to landfills by replacing your roof after a few years (!)
  • Even if you need to replace  tiles, the old tiles are recycled at DaVinci's factory
  • Bellforte tiles use 25% less material than comparable synthetic tiles and are lighter thus lowering carbon emissions associated with production/transportation
  • 100% recyclable - made from refining by-product
  • LEED Contributions:
    - WE 1.1-1.2 Water Efficient Landscaping (LEED Value 1-2 points)
    - MR 2.1 -2-2 Construction Waste Management (LEED Value 1-2 points)
    - MR 3.1-3.2 Resource Re-Use (LEED Value 1-2 points)
    - MR 5.1-5.2 Regional Materials (LEED Value 1-2 points)
  • Available in EcoBlend™ Cool Colors
  • Withstands hurricane force wind up to 175 MPH
  • Impact resistant Class 4
  • Withstands straight-line wind up to 110 MPH
  • Fire class A (w/specified underlayment)
  • Fade resistant
  • No rotting, warping or curling
  • You can custom blend your own colors for a natural "slate" look that best matches your home's design
  • Easy installation for us roofers - it's a snap fit, all the tiles self-align reducing installation time