Top Questions To Ask A Roofing Contractor BEFORE You Let Them On Your Roof

March 15, 2012

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Best Roofing has been keeping heads dry for over 35 years.  While we would love to provide roofing services to every business and condominium in our South Florida community, we understand some will go elsewhere.  When you're looking to hire a South Florida roofing contractor, it is best you ask these questions before making any final decisions. Now that we're closing in on another hurricane season in South Florida, we will start to see many fly by night operations offering low prices.  It is essential you choose a contractor that has not only been around, but has a proven track record.

Re-roofing is a process you may not be familiar with until it becomes time to replace the roof on your building. And even then, there’s a lot to learn about which products to use and what procedures best meet your individual roofing needs. Therefore, it’s vital to know that you can rely on the roofing contractor you choose to give you good advice about those products and procedures that may be new to you. The key is to find the right roofing contractor for your job.  Before you decide to work with a roofing company here are some questions to help you qualify your contractor.

How long have you been in the roofing business?Look for a roofing company with an established business history in your community. Surviving in any business in today’s competitive marketplace is a difficult task. Most successful contractors are proud of their history in the industry.

What is your approach to a roofing project of this scope?
This will give you an idea of how the roofing contractor works and what to expect during the project. Listen carefully to the answer. This is one of the big indicators of the company’s work ethic.

Does your roofing company carry workers compensation and liability insurance?
Ask for copies of the insurance certificates to verify coverage. In addition, some states require licensing and registration. If your state does have construction licensing laws, ask for your contractor’s registration and license, then confirm the license number and expiration date with your local jurisdiction.

May I have a list of references for projects you have completed which are similar to mine?
The contractor should be able to supply you with a minimum of three references, including names, telephone numbers and addresses. As a follow up to this question, ask how long ago the project was completed and if the contractor can arrange a visit to see the finished job. You should also ask for professional references from suppliers or subcontractors to verify sound business practices.

What percentage of your business is repeat or referral business?
This will give you a good indication about the company’s customer satisfaction.  Most companies attribute over 50 percent of their annual volume to customer referrals; some even claim up to 90 percent or more of their total annual sales.

How many projects like mine have you completed in the past 12 months?
This will help you determine the contractor’s familiarity with your type of project. You should confirm that a good portion of those completed projects were similar to the type of project you are proposing.

What is the company’s workmanship warranty?
Typically,  roofing contractor workmanship warranties are for one year or more. Longer warranties are not necessarily more valuable than shorter warranties. The length of the warranty is less important than the intent and ability of the roofer to stand behind his warranty. Usually, problems of either workmanship or material show up very quickly. Therefore, the near-term warranty given by the contractor or manufacturer is more important than the warranty coverage during the later years of the warranty. Even if problems of workmanship arise after the workmanship warranty has lapsed, a reliable contractor usually will want to stand behind his work.