“Yoga at its Best”

April 11, 2017

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Yoga is not your average physical workout. Yoga is considered to be the total body workout. The workout includes the mind, body and soul. What is yoga? In yoga class, you will train yourself to become conscious of your breathing and the way your body moves and begins to relax during exercising. The mind and body then correlate and become one. In addition, it is a combination of unique poses, breathing techniques and meditation. Studies have shown that yoga reduces back pain, strengthen bones and promotes good mental health. That’s why each and every Wednesday, certified Yoga Instructor Megan Daley brings tranquility to Best Roofing. Megan’s strategic plan to integrate wellness plans in the work place is not only brilliant but a necessity. A great way to end a hectic day- yoga, cocktails and lite appetizers, surrounded by great people with the Best Roofing team.