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Equipment & Fleet

Equipment & Fleet:

Over the 35 plus years of Best Roofing’s existence we have continually built up our equipment base. Starting in 1978 with only a few ladders, one dump truck, and 3 crew trucks Best Roofing has generously equipped itself with over 11 buses, 26 emergency service trucks, cranes, roll off and dump trucks and a fleet of 20 vehicles  for supervisors.

Rooftop cutters, brushes, roofing applicants and hand tools are always well maintained and cleaned for precision safety and speed.

Fleet Maintenance Facility

Best Roofing’s on-site maintenance facility ensures the safe operation and upkeep of all of our equipment.

We believe a clean, safe work truck is the best way to ensure safe employees and display a positive outward appearance to our customers.


Best Roofing Fleet

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