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Waterproofing Systems



Waterproofing protects some of the most important areas of the building. Best Roofing can provide you with several options from the leading major manufacturers.


  • pedestrian walk

    Pedestrian & Specialty Decks

    The selection of the correct system for these decks depends upon exposure, traffic patterns, and the aesthetics demanded by the client. Finish choices include the

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  • hot-applied-roofing-system-large

    Hot Applied

    Hot Applied Waterproofing Systems are the most commonly used method of waterproofing roof surfaces.

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  • cold-applied-roofing-system-large

    Cold Applied

    Cold Applied Waterproofing Systems are an increasingly popular choice for sealing new roofs and roof restoration.

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  • roof-top-parking-large

    Parking Decks

    The rehabilitation of existing parking decks, especially those with occupied space below, such as roof-top parking, requires specialized knowledge. Typically the existing system has to

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