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Can my Handyman Fix my Roof?

A lot of times people just try to save a buck or two, and they think that their handy man can go out and take care of their roof. And let me tell you, cleaning the roof, cleaning debris off the roof, and cleaning your gutters out absolutely! Anybody can probably do that, there really anything wrong with that. But Continue Reading

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Should I Keep My Roof Skylights?

Skylights are a great component of any building, and when you can let natural skylight light into your building, it’s really neat! There is nothing like natural lighting, and sometimes people think skylights are a problem. We get asked a lot of times, especially when somebody is replacing a roof, they say “ That skylight has just leaked the whole Continue Reading

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How Important is Roof Maintenance?

One of the things that people ask us all the time is “When I have a roof leak, does that mean I have a bad roof?” This is what we say, if you have a roof leak it means you have a roof leak and if you don’t investigate it and find and understand where the roof leak is coming Continue Reading

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Best Roofing awarded the Champions Perfection Award

The 2018 Champions Perfection Award has been awarded to Best Roofing. Each year, the Award recognizes those roofers whose exceptional installation quality results in a warranty claim performance that ranks in the top 5% of all US and Canadian applicators. We want to thank Carlisle Syntec Systems for Awarding Best Roofing for a job well done!

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Roof Maintenance is a Great Investment

Would you ever consider not changing the oil in your car? Would you not change the filter in your A/C Unit on a regular basis? Have you ever asked yourself what is the costliest building component of your facility, that if neglected, could cause significant damage to the structure and contents and MUST be replaced periodically? Have you ever looked Continue Reading

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