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Tips For Hiring A Licensed Roofing Contractor

Tips For Hiring A Licensed Roofing Contractor by Gregg Wallick, President of Best Roofing One of the best ways to select a roofing contractor is to ask other condo board members and property managers for recommendations. When you stop to consider just how important your roof is to the rest of your building, you really should not trust the first Continue Reading

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How and Why Cool Roofs Work

How and Why Cool Roofs Work   There are two things that keep a roof cool. High reflectivity and high emissivity. Cool roof coatings reflect 70%- 90% of the sun’s energy when newly installed. Most of the energy is radiated away. Conventional roofing materials have reflectivity of 5% to 25%, meaning they absorb 75% to 95% of the sun’s energy. Continue Reading

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Benefits of Garden Roofs

Benefits of Garden Roofs Garden roofs offer many benefits. Not only do garden roofs offer a beautiful appearance, garden roofs offer many environmental and economic benefits. Environmental Benefits Improvement of air quality Plants capture airborne pollutants. Plants reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and produce oxygen. Plants filter toxic gases. Garden roofs cool and moisten the air. Plants help filter Continue Reading

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What is a garden roof?

What is a garden roof? Garden roofs are rooftops planted with vegetation. The garden roofing system uses plant life for roof covering instead of the traditional roofing materials like tile and shingles.  A garden roof is also known as or rooftop garden. Garden roofs can be partially or completely covered with a vegetation over a waterproofing membrane. There are two types Continue Reading

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