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What To Do After A Hurricane

What To Do After A Hurricane Even after a hurricane, dangerous situations and injury are still very possible. It is extremely important to keep safety information in mind.  Here are some tips for how to keep your family safe after a hurricane. Before you do anything Listen to the local radio or watch the local television station for information and instructions and Continue Reading

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Prepare for a Hurricane Checklist

 Prepare for a Hurricane Checklist Understanding hurricanes and staying prepared is key. Here is a helpful checklist to keep you prepared.  Get a FREE roof inspection from Best Roofing to determine the condition of your roof prior to the storm.  Make a list of outdoor items, such as lawn furniture or yard tools, to bring inside during a Continue Reading

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Damage Caused by Hurricanes

Damage Caused by Hurricanes With hurricanes being the most powerful storms on earth, it is not surprising that upon landfall they can cause very serious damage and devastation. If the hurricane has not made landfall, the effects are still very dangerous but most of the damage caused by a hurricane is when the storm makes its way to land. Hurricanes Continue Reading

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Formation of a Hurricane

Formation of Hurricanes   Florida is near the tropics making the state very vulnerable to hurricanes. Being informed and understanding hurricanes is essential and if you are a business owner you will want to keep your building safe. Florida has a history with hurricanes and living in South Florida you need to understand the types of weather conditions we have. Continue Reading

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How to protect your roof

How to protect your roof Roof upkeep is too often ignored and most business owners don’t give their roof any thought until it’s too late. A small roof problem can lead to expensive repairs or even an entire roof replacement. Your roof plays and important role and its best to keep your roof protected. The roof is the important section of Continue Reading

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