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Roof System Energy Audits for South Florida

A roof system energy audit is an analysis of the energy saving potential of an entire roof system, based upon the life-cycle cost analysis of the following components; Insulation type and quantity Surface coatings and finishes Vapor retarders and air barriers Roofing material quality Type and weight of roof-mounted renewable/sustainable energy systems More specifically, a roof system energy audit will Continue Reading

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Elevate Your Roof -Green Roofing Project of the Month

Orchard Central is Singapore’s first ‘vertical mall’ at 12 stories above ground.  Singapore's tallest vertical mall offers a 24-hour public garden at the roof top, complete with green walls up to 10 meters tall. Highlights An extensive green wall up to 13 meters high stretches from the 11th to 12th stories to create a ‘green blanket’ that is highly visible Continue Reading

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Green Design Tools

One of the easiest and most informative ways to gain expertise in green building design is to start using the various green building design tools available online- many are free.  These tools include calculators to evaluate roof insulation, reflectivity, life-cycle cost and daylighting, as an example. These tools can be especially useful as a first step toward developing cost-effective sustainable Continue Reading

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Understanding Cool Roofs

Cool roofs are ideal for Florida's hot and humid climate, as they are most effective in areas where temperatures and air conditioning use are high.  By reducing heat gain through the roof surface, cool roofs decrease air conditioning use that leads to 10-30% in energy savings at the hottest part of the day, when energy demand is at its peak.  Continue Reading

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Cool your Building. Cool your City. Cool your Planet.

Did you know? Every day above 64 degrees°F is considered a cooling-degree day, while every day below 64 degrees°F is considered a heating-degree day.  This temperature defines when building owners have to rely on expensive utilities to control the climate within their buildings.  Knowing your climate is of paramount importance when deciding which roof system would be the most energy-efficient Continue Reading

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