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Round One! BOMA International:TOBY Awards

Toby Awards

Round One! BOMA International:TOBY Awards

The 2017 TOBY Awards, developed by BOMA International, were hosted at Jungle Island in Miami on February 10th. BOMA International (The Building Owners and Managers Association) consists of 90 BOMA U.S associations and 18 international affiliates. The association was founded in 1907 to represent owners and managers of all types of commercial property. Their mission is to ensure the development of the commercial real estate industry consistently produces quality work through advocacy, guidance and education.​​ The TOBY, (The Outstanding Building of the Year) Awards recognizes commercial properties for the quality and management of their building. Cristina Arias, Marketing and Business Development Manager at Best Roofing, is a member of BOMA. She had the honor of judging the nominated buildings by conducting a thorough evaluation. Examples of the evaluation included, but not limited to: Community involvement, site management and ensuring environmental policies and procedures were upheld. The TOBY awards consist of three different levels. First, the competition begins at the BOMA local association and the selected winners advance to the next level- the regionals. After the regional competition the selected winners advance to the finale- the international level. This year, the International TOBY Awards will be presented at the BOMA International Conference on June 27th in Nashville. The TOBYs held on February 10th, honored the winners of BOMA’s first level of competition.

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