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The Case for Roof Restoration

Here's a look at a recent tile restoration project we just completed for our client, Lakeview Club Condominium in Oakland Park, Florida.  Best Roofing restored approximately 240,000 sq.ft. of tile roof vs replacing the roofing system.

The Client
Lakeview Club is a community in Oakland Park with many condominiums. Lakeview Club real estate is characterized by multi-story buildings with peaked rooftops and lakefront views.  Best Roofing provided a 5 Year Labor and Material Warranty as well as the manufacturer's  5 Year Labor and Material NDL (No Dollar Limit) Warranty and a 10 year material guarantee.


The Client ~ LakeView Condo Club


What We Did

    Before and After

    Pressure washing

    Protecting surrounding area

    filling in all voids and cracks with slurry coat

    Applying roof coating system

    Project Completed!



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    1. That is a very well presented case study. Nice job!
    2. Great article. What were the costs & square footage of the project?

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