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The Pantry of Broward

Founded in 2008, The Pantry of Broward is a “one-stop shop” for seniors struggling to live on low a fixed income while raising their grandchildren. Having a wide variety of needs, just about anything is useful. From the beginning, Best Roofing has been a big part of this wonderful local community organization. Just recently we collected back-to-school supplies to donate to the organization. Disturbing the wide variety of supplies to the facility was beyond heartwarming. Seeing the overwhelming emotions was a gift itself, knowing students can go back to school with new supplies. Makes you thankful that The Pantry of Broward is still a part of Fort Lauderdale.  Besides the school supply donation, Best Roofing supports The Pantry of Broward year-round, contributing with Thanksgiving food drive and much more.

If you’re interested with knowing how you can help, check out their website. Thank you to those who continue to help Best Roofing give back to the community.

The Pantry of Broward

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