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In Florida today, heat is a building's biggest enemy. Without proper protection, the Florida sun can make any room under any roof uncomfortable and expensive to keep cool.

Eliminate the need for running your desk fans and desperately running the air conditioning with the Best Roofing Cool Roof System®. Our cooling system is the smartest roofing investment any Florida business can make. The Best Roofing Cool Roof System® is built with a reflective resurfacing compound, keeping the temperature of your roof and the building underneath it at a constant and comfortable temperature.

Cool Roof System


Benefits of a Best Roofing Cool Roof System®:

  • Extends roof life expectancy
  • Lowers room temperatures
  • Can lower attic temperatures by up to 25-30 degrees F (usually where the AC ducts are)
  • Heat-reflecting roofing materials will reflect 73% or more of the sun's heat away from the building
  • Radically reduces energy costs
  • You may qualify for an energy rebate from your local power company
  • Best Roofing's Cool Roof System has helped buildings save on energy costs (click here for an example)

We have the technology to calculate your savings if you choose to use a Cool Roof System®. Just ask one of our friendly roofing experts if you decide to turn your roofing system into a Cool Roof System®

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Commercial Roofing Cool Roof System

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