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(888) 892-BEST (888) 892-2378 Lic. #: CCC018297

Baer’s Furniture Company

Over the last two (2) decades Best Roofing has overseen numerous projects from new construction to emergency service calls, to annual maintenance inspections for Baer's Furniture Company as well as their warehouse facilities.  We've installed and maintained sloped and flat roofing system from tile to energy efficient systems on their 14 locations in the state of Florida.


Baer’s Distribution

Sq. Footage: 68,000
Roof System: TPO
Project Duration: 21 Days
Warranty: 15 Years
Special Challenge:
photo We had problems with the metal roof over our distribution center for years. Best Roofing figured out a great solution at a reasonable price.”  Best Roofing Cool Roof System


Baer’s Furniture

Sq. Footage: 32,302
Roof System: TPO
Project Duration: 10 Days
Warranty: 15 Years
Special Challenge: Tying into an old section of old saved roof.
photo "We ran into significant deck issues. BestRoofing remedied the situation with minimul disruption to the operation of my business"Ron Baer, Sr. Vice President Baer’s Furniture Co.
Best Roofing Cool Roof System


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