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(888) 892-BEST (888) 892-2378 Lic. #: CCC018297

Kaja Properties

Building Type:  Warehouse
Size:  6,600 SF
Former Roof System:  Built Up Roofing System
Single Ply Energy Efficient Roof System
Project Duration:  8 weeks
Fun Fact:  When we arrived at the site, we discovered a makeshift roof hatch that consisted of a hole in the roof with a plywood "door", and covered in a piece of modified membrane to keep it watertight.  The roof hatch was accessed by way of an "attic ladder" (pull a rope and a set of stairs unfolds).  Best Roofing replaced the roof hatch with one that would be code compliant.  Turns out the inspector didn't like the attic ladder (with good reason) and refused to pass it - forcing Best Roofing to remove the roof hatch all together and patch up the hole.  All is well that ends well, though, as the roof passed inspection and is now accessible by ladder.

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