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Lakeview Club Condominium

Lakeview Club Condominium

Lakeview Club Condominium in Oakland Park, Florida contracted Best Roofing to replace all the tile underlayment  and decking and apply a roof coating system on all the roofs in the association.  The Best Roofing team removed all debris from the existing roof, pressure washed and prepared the roofs, filled in all voids and cracks in the roof tiles, flashed the vents, walls, and valleys, and applied an energy efficient roof coating system.

Roof Coatings resist cracking and peeling while extending the life of the roofing substrate. They expand and contract with the roofs movements to resist damage. Coatings also provide a protective barrier which reflects the suns heat and destructive UV rays. In turn, this helps to cool surfaces and leads to a reduction of roof temperatures.







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