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Phil Smith Kia & Mitsubishi

Phil Smith Kia & Mitsubishi

Phil Smith Kia Mitsubishi contracted Best Roofing to replace their existing roof system with a new modified bitumen(MBR) energy efficient roof system.

MBR has high tensile-strength; it resists damage from branches and debris blowing in the wind, which is very important in South Florida. It also has demonstrated hail resistance, is adhered against wind uplift, and its rubber-like quality is superbly waterproof.

Insulation combined with a modified bitumen roof forms a top-notch energy efficient building component.  Many modified bitumen products are offered with a white granule top surface, but they are available in designer colors to complete a building's exterior design.


Sq. Footage: 65,000
Roof System: TPO
Project Duration: 45 Days
Warranty: 20 Years
Special Challenge: None


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