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Publix at Tamarac Town Center – Soprema Soprastar

Publix at Tamarac Town Center

Building Type:  Shopping Center
Size:  36,636 SF
Former Roof System:  Modified Cap over Lightweight Concrete Insulation
Replaced With:  Soprema Soprastar (Energy Efficient Modified Roofing System)
Project Duration:  2 Months
Fun Fact:  Despite all of the pre-project planning with the contractor renovating the front facade, the timing sequence just didn't work out as planned.  Due to delays experienced by the facade contractor, Best Roofing had to proceed with the roof installation prior to the facade work being complete, which was not ideal because of the logistics and scaffolding on the roof required to complete the facade work.  As a result, the brand new roof was severely damaged.  Though we were not responsible for the damage in any way, Best Roofing came back and made all of the necessary repairs.  Sometimes it's just a matter of doing the right thing.

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