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(888) 892-BEST (888) 892-2378 Lic. #: CCC018297



StorQuest is a self-storage company that is located in the East side of Pembroke Pines as well as across the nation. This facility consist of 7 warehouse buildings.

Best Roofing was contracted to remove the existing roofs and replace them with a tapered insulation and a Fibertite roof membrane. As well as adding positive drainage to each roof. All the electrical and mechanical equipment was upgraded to current code.

Roof System: Tapered Insulation with Fibertite roof membrane

Total Sq.Ft: 22,000

Duration: 4 weeks

Warranty: 20 years labor and material

Challenges: The biggest challenges of this project were coordination with each tenant, AC and electrical upgrades done daily as well as the weather.


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