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The Cathedral of Saint Mary’s

The Cathedral of Saint Mary's

Roofing Contractor: Best Roofing
Square Footage of Job: Tile- 15,000 Slope- 15,327

About the Project
The Cathedral of Saint Mary’s is an iconic Catholic Church and a staple of the Archdiocese of Miami. Located on the east side of Northwest 2nd Avenue in the Little River area of Miami; the church was found in 1930s. The iconic design of the church is drawn from various Archbishops with no particular style. The look of the church today was completed in the late 1950s.

Best Roofing was contracted to replace the 15,000 sq. ft. tiled roof and the 15, 327 sq. ft. slope roof systems. The tile portion of the roof was replaced with 9 color blend of Ludowici clay tile and the slope portion of the roof was replaced with copper metal flashing, R19 tapered energy efficient insulation.

Cathedral of Saint Mary's.

Sq. Footage: Tile- 15,000 Slope- 15,327
Roof System: R19 Energy Efficient, Copper Metal Flashing, 9 color blend Ludowici tile
Project Duration: 3 Weeks
Warranty: 20 Year Warranty
Special Challenge: Existing foam roof system over a concrete deck which during the removal we created a wing screen to contain flying debris.











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