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The Palms of Fort Lauderdale

The Palms of Fort Lauderdale

The Palms of Fort Lauderdale, are on of the most prestigious addresses in the City.  Located mid-way between Sunrise and Oakland Park Blvd, The Palms is a luxurious Mediterranean style complex consisting of two large buildings and 7 town homes on 450 feet of Fort Lauderdale Beach.Best Roofing was contracted to repair and waterproof  the terraces on both buildings.

Building owners continue to battle the elements when maintaining their assets. Inevitably, minor problems will start to surface after a building has been in service for many years. Water penetration and intrusion are especially troublesome. Water intrusion is a major problem when considering the effect it has on tenant dissatisfaction, damage to interior finishes, and mold development.

Waterproof coatings are specially formulated to provide a tough, flexible and high build waterproof barrier for masonry and cementitious  substrates. They are  especially designed to stretch and move with the building substrate, it bridges hairline cracks and small voids that may occur in the substrates from the building settling and thermal expansion and contraction.


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