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Portfolio Category: Shopping Plaza

Flagler Shopping Center

Our Flagler Shopping Center Project was completed successfully during the month of August. The client is backed with our Best Roofing 20-year warranty. The project was 6,672 square feet and was competed in 10 days. We had great communication with the client throughout the process, we did encounter a hiccup where we did needs to change order for additional drains. Continue Reading

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Southport Plaza

Southport Plaza is a bustling strip mall in Fort Lauderdale that offers big-box stores, fast-food eateries, a vet clinic & an indoor playground. Recently, some of the tenants were experiencing roof leaks and called Best Roofing to perform a roof audit to diagnose any roof damage. Just in time for rainy season, our Team was able to restore and replace Continue Reading

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Wellington Corp. Center

Based in Palm Beach County, Wellington Corp Center was in need of a Roof Replacement just in time for Florida’s well-known Hurricane Season. The roof was tarnished with several leaks surrounding areas such as drains and AC Units.  Best Roofing stripped away the derating roof as we prepared to tackle a complete renovation.  During the renovation, accommodations were our first Continue Reading

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Weston Commerce

Weston Commerce was experiencing roofing leaks. When Best Roofing received the call, our forensic roof specialists performed a roof inspection. After analyzing that a commercial roof repair needed to be done, they presented the best solution. The owner had awarded to us as their commercial roofing contractors. During the job there were a few hiccups but, in the end, it Continue Reading

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Best Roofing: 1949 Johnson Street

Located in Hollywood, 1949 Johnson shopping plaza was contracted by Best Roofing to replace the existing roof. Even though the customer had made changes to the building after the bid that included adding parapet walls to two sides of the building, which then changed the scope of work. The existing metal deck was in poor condition and required additional deck Continue Reading

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