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Best Roofing receives GAF President’s Club Award

GAF, is pleased to announce that Best Roofing Services LLC is a winner of the prestigious GAF Presidents Club Award, recognizing the best, brightest, and most supportive GAF Master Select contractors.

What is a Master Select Roofing Contractor?
To achieve this status, a contractor must continually demonstrate the capability and resources necessary to perform the highest quality work to help protect your valuable investment. In all, less than 1% of the contractors in the US have qualified for the prestigious Master Select distinction. As a result of their status, Best Roofing Services Inc., is also qualified to offer you several exclusive manufacturers programs only available to Master Select Contractors.

The Commercial Contractor President's Club designation is an exciting way for GAF's loyal CCP Commercial Master Select contractors to be recognized for their excellence. Contractors will be able to achieve this designation based on their "Performance," "Reliability" and "Service."

President' Club Contractors who receive this award have consistently provided superior-quality services, excelled in providing extensive and consistent guarantee options that offer long-term security and peace-of-mind. Furthermore, President's Club Contractors have maintained a successful long-term partnership with GAF, supporting our products and guarantees, and providing quality service to property owners.

Our Master Select Contractors represent only the top 1% of roofing contractors, nationally. The winners of this award are the top achievers at GAF. We congratulate them on this outstanding achievement.

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