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It's great to start off the week with good news! Best Roofing has achieved "Partner in Quality" status for 2011 from Firestone Building Products, based on our 2010 repair incidents. So what does that mean you may be asking? The Firestone Partner in Quality Award is awarded to contractors who installed a minimum of four warranted Firestone roofs in each of the past five years, maintained at least one million square feet of Firestone roofs under warranty and achieved an annual Quality Incidence Rating (QIR) of 2.0 or less. The Firestone QIR measures each contractor's quality performance based on warranty repair incidences per million square feet under warranty.

Best roofing was among 205 companies throughout North America to receive this industry acknowledgment.

"Firestone strives to provide high-quality products and superior warranty programs, but a vital factor in our success is our network of exceptional commercial roofing contractors," said Tim Dunn, president of Firestone Building Products. "Best Roofing consistently upholds high industry standards, demonstrates outstanding workmanship and is a prime example of top quality commercial and industrial roofing installations that Firestone can stand behind."

We're pretty proud of our work.

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