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What is Leadership? By Gregg Wallick

Leadership. It is an often-used term, but what does it really mean? Webster’s New World College Dictionary defines leadership as “…guide or conduct by going first; to guide by influence; to act as guide or director.” As my responsibilities have expanded over the years, I have had to delegate certain responsibilities that require leadership skills. On numerous occasions, I encountered Continue Reading

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Roof Repair: An Affordable, Immediate Solution

Best Roofing is one of Florida’s most respected and trusted roofing contractors, exemplifying unparalleled standards in materials, workmanship and customer service. Best Roofing’s highly trained professionals provide The 3 R’s of Roofing: roof repair, roof restoration and roof replacement. We’ll first examine roof repair. A leaking roof can cause severe damage to a building. Moisture creates mold and rot, and Continue Reading

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