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Category Archives: Waterproofing Systems

Waterproofing protects some of the most important areas of the building. Best Roofing can provide you with several options from the leading major manufacturers.

Pedestrian & Specialty Decks

pedestrian walk

The selection of the correct system for these decks depends upon exposure, traffic patterns, and the aesthetics demanded by the client. Finish choices include the selection of color and various textures including anti-slip surfacing. Non-visible waterproofing systems for these decks include between-slab membranes and under-tile waterproofing.

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Hot Applied

Hot Applied Waterproofing Systems are the most commonly used method of waterproofing roof surfaces.

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Cold Applied

Cold Applied Waterproofing Systems are an increasingly popular choice for sealing new roofs and roof restoration.

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Parking Decks

The rehabilitation of existing parking decks, especially those with occupied space below, such as roof-top parking, requires specialized knowledge. Typically the existing system has to be removed or neutralized, and a new one applied. The selection of the new system to withstand traffic wear, oils, and rubber residue requires the guidance of a contractor that has experience in the performance Continue Reading

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