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Tile Roofing System

Tile Roofing Systems are one of the oldest roofing styles around today. Tiles are made up of either clay, concrete or a combination of both. They can withstand any climate, including our merciless summer heat, without compromise.


Why Tile Roofing System?

  • Aesthetics
  • Durability
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Cost Effective

Tile Roofing Systems are incredibly popular largely because of their distinctive shapes and colors. Clay tiles have an earthy color tone that gives a roof a natural “dwelling” style. Concrete tiles can be customized to many colors, shapes and sizes to mimic or simulate historical and contemporary architectural styles.

The durability of roofing tiles makes them a prime roofing alternative for centuries. Both clay and concrete tiles are extremely durable, lasting anywhere from 50 to 100 years given building design and installation. They are waterproof and do not succumb to the elements such as fire, wind or even pest damage.

A Tile Roofing System consists of tiles made from naturally reoccurring materials. No chemical preservatives are used in manufacturing and they are 100% recyclable to make new tiles. There isn’t a better way to be kind to the environment when choosing a roofing system.

In addition to all of the above, a Tile Roofing System creates great value upon installation. Not only is it a great investment considering longevity and durability against the elements, it also helps maintain resale and property values over periods of time.

Best Roofing partners with leading manufacturers in the industry to deliver an excellent quality roof made with the very best materials.

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