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(888) 892-BEST (888) 892-2378 Lic. #: CCC018297


Catastrophic weather often presents itself as a formidable enemy to your roofing system.  Best Roofing’s “Catastrophic Weather Agreement” is a simple agreement that allows us to respond as quickly as possible to any roofing issues you may have with your commercial property or condo immediately following a catastrophic weather system.

The worst possible time to call a roofing contractor is after a storm. With the Best Roofing Catastrophic Weather Agreement you are assured of our pricing PRIOR to a major storm system – no negotiating no haggling, you’re aware of the costs upfront and prior to a major weather event in South Florida.

Establish a relationship with Best Roofing before a severe weather event occurs. Register in Best Roofing’s Catastrophic Weather Event Program.  Call us at 1-888-892-BEST (2378) to register License #: CCC018297.

Preparation Before the Storm

No roof is 100% immune to the damages of heavy winds, rain, hail, and hurricanes. However, proper design and preventative maintenance does allow for superior performance during weather emergencies. Should your roofing system be at risk, it makes sense to establish a relationship with an established roofing contractor who can inspect the condition of your roof and make the necessary repairs before the storm strikes. Click here to schedule your Free Commercial/Condo Roof Analysis.

Response After the Storm

Following a weather emergency, it may be days or even weeks before a crew can be mobilized and sent to your facility due to peak repair demand in our area. Best Roofing’s Catastrophic Weather Event program is designed to provide priority response by deploying service repair crews to your facility quickly following a severe weather emergency.  Since we will have already been out to your building and performed an inspection , our trained crews can quickly assess the condition of your roof, determine damage and perform the necessary emergency repairs.

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