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Umbrella Guarantee

Roof systems, unlike other components of a building are susceptible to severe weathering, expansion, contraction and human abuse. It is not uncommon for some leakage to develop within a very short period after the original roof application. Because of, these emergency roof repair, thus requiring continual inspection and maintenance. In addition, exposure to unusual pollutants, strong winds, hail and long Continue Reading

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Top 4 Don’ts When Making Your Roof Decisions

Top 4 Don’ts When Making Your Roof Decisions Should I go with an experienced contractor with a lower price? Can I save money by purchasing my own materials? Can I do this myself? These are a few of the questions that one might ask before taking the plunge to repair or replace the roof of your home of business. Like Continue Reading

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Breakfast of Champions

‘Tis the season of giving at Best Roofing! It has become a tradition that in the month of December that the office staff makes and serves breakfast to the field employees as well as gift them a pair of steal toe boots. The office staff arrives early to the headquarters’ building to cook eggs, pancakes and sausage links for all Continue Reading

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When is roof recovery a viable option?

When the integrity of the roof membrane is no longer reliable it needs to be replaced. Roof replacement involves removing all existing roof material down to the roof deck, including the vapor barrier, insulation, membrane and flashing.  In some situations, it may be viable to leave the existing roof including the membrane in place and install a new membrane over Continue Reading

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Client Testimonial from Woolbright Development Group

Hurricanes are bad news. Especially in South Florida.  This week we're going to re-visit a project we worked on after Hurricane Wilma for one of our long-term clients, Woolbright Development Group.  Yesterday, our CEO, Gregg Wallick had the opportunity to get an impromptu video testimonial from the team at Woolbright. Project: Sea Ranch Lakes Shopping Center, Lauderdale by the Sea, Continue Reading

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