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Schools Are Taking the Lead in Eco-Friendly Roofing

Since the U.S. Green Building Council has been encouraging schools to go green, our nation’s schools are now leading the way in educating their students and communities on the importance of maintaining a healthy environment and decreasing their energy needs. One way they are doing this is by planting gardens on the rooftops of their schools, commonly called a green Continue Reading

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City of Deerfield Beach Uses Best Roofing

Companies shouldn’t have to constantly worry about the roof protecting their valuable business assets. An office building roof needs to be durable and persevere through troublesome conditions, much like the companies it shelters. Best Roofing provides peace of mind and dependable roofing construction for office buildings. We can help companies and building owners avoid the expensive damage and loss of Continue Reading

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Cool Roof Systems Save Money and the Environment

Whitening roofs is proving to be extremely advantageous for the environment. Since white roofs reflect far more of the sun’s heat than black roofs, buildings with white roofs stay cooler and thus require less air conditioning – saving energy. In fact, converting the world’s rooftops to white roof systems would offset the emissions of the world’s cars for the next Continue Reading

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