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Halloween Roof Inspection

If your business was hit by weather conditions this season who knows what might be lurking up on your roof? Blisters, punctures, curling … if left unrepaired the damage might come back to haunt you. If you have not yet scheduled a yearly roof inspection, now’s the time. Spooky Roof Damage Signs to Watch Out For The only real way Continue Reading

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Top 4 Don’ts When Making Your Roof Decisions

Top 4 Don’ts When Making Your Roof Decisions Should I go with an experienced contractor with a lower price? Can I save money by purchasing my own materials? Can I do this myself? These are a few of the questions that one might ask before taking the plunge to repair or replace the roof of your home of business. Like Continue Reading

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Tips for Preparing & Preventing Hurricane Damage to your roof

Clean all Gutters Before a Hurricane

Nearly 18 hurricanes on average strike the United States every decade, according to The National Hurricane Center. These storms leave devastation and despair in their wake, taking lives and destroying homes and buildings.  According to the Florida Division of Emergency Management, 77 percent of hurricane-damaged homes suffer from roof damage. Commercial Flat Roofs 1. Perform a visual inspection of the roof. 2. Secure cables, wires and Continue Reading

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Preparing Your Roof for Hurricane Season

With hurricane season coming into full swing, most property and facility managers and condo/HOA boards in Florida have one eye on the news hoping that another 2013 hurricane season is not upon us. Rather than wait until a storm is on the radar and there is little to no time to prepare, now is the perfect time for managers and Continue Reading

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Is Moisture Infiltrating Your Roof?

  Moisture can enter into a roofing system many different ways. In addition to water entry due to roof membrane leaks, moisture can enter a roofing system due to condensation from internal humidity, infiltration through building walls, water entry through equipment housings and latent moisture entrapped beneath the roof system. Note: The inspection for moisture infiltration requires professional roofing experience. Continue Reading

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