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Sometimes referred to as the 11-month inspection, this is one of the best times to examine your roof in detail. Buildings settle, shrink, and expand.  It has also seen extreme weather conditions- from the heat of the summer to an exceptionally busy rainy season.  Let's see how your roof is responding. Best Roofing is offering a no-cost, no obligation, inspection Continue Reading

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Extend your Coverage 25% With the GAF Well Roof Advantage

The best way to extend the life of your roof is to perform regular inspection and maintenance.  GAF is offering the Well Roof Advantage ™ program- a 25% extension of your GAF Diamond Pledge™  NDL Guarantee 'FREE ' when you perform regular inspection and maintenance through their Master Select  Roofing Contractors, such as Best Roofing. How the Program Works Install Continue Reading

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What Makes a Good Company Great?

A look inside Best Roofing, South Florida's commercial roofing company. What makes a good company great? Teamwork at all levels. At the end of every quarter we hold a company huddle meeting for all 100+ employees. It's a time to review our past, present, and upcoming projects; a time to recognize our hard working crews, our unsung heroes, and have Continue Reading

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Roofs are Like Cars

"Forgetting about roof perhaps the single biggest cause of roof failure." - Roofing Solutions Magazine               If you don't maintain them, they won't perform when you need them most (and your guarantee coverage can be jeopardized.    If you want something to perform, you have to maintain it.  After all, you wouldn't expect: a Continue Reading

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What is a Roof Certification for South Florida?

The 40 or 50 Year Condo Certification Process in South Florida                   A roof certification is a professional roofer's best estimate and opinion about the life expectancy of a roof.  They are performed and issued by a professional roofing company to certify that a roof is free of defects and should perform Continue Reading

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