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Sometimes referred to as the 11-month inspection, this is one of the best times to examine your roof in detail. Buildings settle, shrink, and expand.  It has also seen extreme weather conditions- from the heat of the summer to an exceptionally busy rainy season.  Let's see how your roof is responding. Best Roofing is offering a no-cost, no obligation, inspection Continue Reading

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Roof Blisters- What are they?

Blistering is a common problem with both field applied exterior coatings such as paints and built-up roofing systems.  In built-up roofs blisters are raised surface areas over voids in a roof system which contain entrapped air and/or moisture.  As the  roof surface temperature rises, the pressure inside the blisters rises and the adhesion of asphalt weakens.  Blisters are usually noticeable Continue Reading

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Roofs are Like Cars

"Forgetting about roof perhaps the single biggest cause of roof failure." - Roofing Solutions Magazine               If you don't maintain them, they won't perform when you need them most (and your guarantee coverage can be jeopardized.    If you want something to perform, you have to maintain it.  After all, you wouldn't expect: a Continue Reading

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Danger Signals of a Failing Roof- Part I

Part One in our series of "Danger Signals of a Failing Roof."   Recognizing warning signs of a damaged roof and doing the necessary repairs early may help prevent costly repairs in the future.  If you have any of these conditions, it's a clear sign that your roof needs repair and maintenance. Remember to always work with a licensed, professional roofing Continue Reading

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