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Best Roofing Earns Distinctions for Quality and Excellence

Serving South Florida’s commercial, industrial and multi-family housing community since 1978, Best Roofing has become one of Florida’s most respected roofing contractors. Best Roofing has received the 2010 Partner in Quality Award from Firestone Building Products Company, LLC for “outstanding efforts in promoting the best in roofing system quality”. Each year, Firestone presents the Partner in Quality Award to contractors Continue Reading

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Roof Repair: An Affordable, Immediate Solution

Best Roofing is one of Florida’s most respected and trusted roofing contractors, exemplifying unparalleled standards in materials, workmanship and customer service. Best Roofing’s highly trained professionals provide The 3 R’s of Roofing: roof repair, roof restoration and roof replacement. We’ll first examine roof repair. A leaking roof can cause severe damage to a building. Moisture creates mold and rot, and Continue Reading

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