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Hurricane Preparedness

It's officially "Hurricane Season" and it’s predicted to be an active one. Now is a great time to engage in the topic and make sure your hurricane prepared. Don’t be stuck in line waiting for emergency roof repair. Best Roofing is a highly qualified commercial roof repair specialists in Florida and throughout Hurricane season, we would like to offer our clients a Hurricane Preparedness class. The audience will gain the basic understanding of insurance vs. warranties; how to properly prepare your building to prevent damage that water intrusion can cause to your property; and discuss topics to include case studies describing building issues that hurricanes have caused.  It is very important to keep up your commercial roof maintenance. After the storms, many roof replacements are needed, so don’t let the small water leaks escalate into bigger Roofing solutions.


**Hosted by Best Roofing, we will offer a Lunch & Learn to your company

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Alexandra Labarr


 Catherine Pena

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